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Looking for some good ideas?

Posted on 10/10/2018

The iVantage KnowledgeWeb is an archive of thousands of ideas, insights, and innovations that have withstood the ultimate test – working in the real world.

Organized by Knowledge Community (topics), you’ll find

  • Successes & Good Ideas (SGIs) - Mini case studies on throughput, staffing, preventing patient falls, improving quality, increasing patient satisfaction, reducing costs and more. Insights and solutions to challenges, big & small.

  • iConferences - facilitated by iVantage’s Knowledge Managers, these webinars allow peers to interact in real time about complex topics. Results and recordings are hosted on the KnowledgeWeb.

  • Surveys - user-driven surveys are a quick and painless way to gather and share information about improvements, practices, and philosophies.

  • Documents - checklists, job descriptions, forms, care paths, white papers and many more, all available to download.

  • Knowledge Manager Consults - need help? Call or e-mail a Knowledge Manager – we can help you find an answer or design a collaboration event to uncover more solutions!

All staff are welcome to use this resource. Click here to check out the KnowledgeWeb.

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